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Our Story

Broadmoor Baptist Church began as the vision of Istrouma Baptist Church and the Judson Baptist Association in 1956. The purchase of land that year enabled a thriving mission to become an independent congregation in 1957. The church met across the street at Broadmoor Elementary during the construction of its first building which it occupied March 30, 1958.

Irvin Cheney served as the first pastor, and the church’s early years were marked by energetic growth fueled by a strong mission/ministry spirit and the growth of the surrounding neighborhood. Charles Stevens, the second pastor, served from 1961-1968, and led the church in new buildings and continued numerical growth.

The arrival of Dr. Glen Edwards in 1968 inaugurated a ten year period of excitement, unity, and profound blessings from God. The buildings overflowed with new members, and the church kept pace with the construction of its present sanctuary and more education space. Dynamic leadership resulted in many new ministries and traditions that continue to inspire and serve people today.

In 1979 Broadmoor called Dr. John Goodwin as pastor, and thus began a 27 year ministry of visionary and steady leadership combined with a deep commitment to serving one another. With his urging, the church elected women deacons and called Pam Williams, an ordained woman minister, as Minister of Education in 1985. Dr. Goodwin led the church through the tumultuous years of conflict in the Southern Baptist Convention, and urged Broadmoor to embrace our cherished Baptist convictions. In 1990 the church began a series of careful, measured steps that led to its association with the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship.

After Dr. Goodwin’s retirement in 2007, Broadmoor called Dr. Jarrett Banks who continued and expanded the ecumenical spirit of the church. His ministry was also marked by deep caring for the members and an emphasis on congregational outreach.

Dr. Terry Ellis became the sixth pastor of Broadmoor in 2011. During his ministry at Broadmoor he encouraged the congregation to rely on grace constantly.

Dr. Leonard Ezell was called to be the pastor of Broadmoor in the fall of 2016.

A history of a church is often a story of leadership, and Broadmoor has been blessed over the decades. But the church stands today as a testament to God’s faithfulness to call people to His service. The people of Broadmoor have responded, and are today agents of God’s grace to a lost and hurting world.

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