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How to Join BBC

At the end of every worship service we have a time of response and commitment. People will respond publicly at that time, by coming to the front of the church. If you want to join Broadmoor, you may do so by one of the following ways:

  • If you are a Christian coming from another Baptist church, you may simply request membership here, and we will contact your former church as a courtesy to let them know of your transfer. This is typically called joining “by letter.” You do not have the letter! We will take care of that.

  • If you are a Christian coming from another denomination, you have a choice.

    • You may choose to join by a simple affirmation of your faith in Christ and that you have been baptized. At Broadmoor we accept those Christians who have been baptized as infants and went through a subsequent confirmation of their faith.

    • You may choose to be baptized. If you are coming from another denomination and were baptized as an infant, you may prefer now to be baptized by immersion. Adult baptism for practicing Christians is memorable and can be a way of confirming your faith in Christ as you feel God has led you to this church.

  • If you are a new Christian, or have never been baptized, then joining by baptism is appropriate for you. Baptism is an act of commitment and obedience to Christ who commanded us to be baptized in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Immersion baptism is very important in the Baptist tradition because it is highly symbolic of being raised to new life in Christ.

Our pastoral staff would be pleased to talk with you about your decision or any questions you may have.

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