Churches today come in an increasing variety of shapes, sizes, and styles. Because of that, searching for a church to call home can be very confusing. At Broadmoor we believe in being transparent and genuine about who we are and the kind of commitments that shape us.

Classically Christian

Broadmoor is a family of believers committed to the commonly held, classic doctrines of the Christian church.


 We affirm, embrace, and celebrate the love of the Father, the grace of Jesus Christ, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit.

Classically Christian

Classically Baptist

Classically Broadmoor

Classically Baptist

We are supporters of the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship, and are proud of the spiritual and intellectual heritage the Baptist tradition represents. 


The Bible is the written Word of God, uniquely inspired by Him, and leading us to discern and follow the Way of Christ.


We believe in the separation of church and state. 
The priesthood of the believer highlights your freedom to learn personally from God, your right to read and interpret the scripture as the Spirit leads you, and to use your mind in addition to your heart to grow in Christ.

We worship in the traditional style. We value the study of Scripture, the hymnal, and music that is reverent and moving. We seek to engage your mind as well as your heart.

Because of our love for God, we share and serve people in and out of the church through missions.


We believe the scripture affirms the full equality of men and women in ministry.

Classically Broadmoor

9755 Goodwood Blvd 

Baton Rouge, LA 70815


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Broadmoor Baptist Church is a community church in Baton Rouge, LA affiliated with the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship.

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