All people need to know the deep love of God for them, and it’s His desire for all people to follow the Way of Jesus Christ. At Broadmoor we believe we are all called to be joyous agents of God’s grace. We go near and far to spread the gospel in a wide array of missions.

Our strategy is to identify missions communities with whom we can collaborate. We look at our local community, our state, and internationally for opportunities to bring God’s love to all people.

The following are some of the missions partners with whom we have worked:


  • Southeast Ministries – An ecumenical ministry to families in crisis in our area of the city with the unconditional love of Jesus Christ. Food and financial services offered.
  • Habitat for Humanity – Provides lower-income families with the opportunity to become homeowners.
  • Holy Grill – A ministry of the Baton Rouge Federation of Churches and Synagogues which provides a hot lunch to needy families.
  • Community Ministries – There are a variety of local and personal ministries. Groups and individuals provide seasonal and circumstantial support.
  • Reading Friends – Volunteers work individually with children at a local elementary school to raise reading levels and comprehension, touching lives with love.


  • Cooperative Baptist Fellowship of Louisiana – A state organization of the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship formed for ministry, missions, education and fellowship. Broadmoor is one of the leading churches in the state of Louisiana in CBF.
  • Together for Hope – A national CBF ministry focusing on rural poverty initiatives, Together for Hope becomes personal in Louisiana. Two of the 20 poorest counties/parishes in America are in Louisiana. CBF of Louisiana is continually finding new ways to partner with these communities to provide hope and help for individuals trapped in poverty.


  • Cooperative Baptist Fellowship – Financial support is given to the international ministries and missions of the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship.
  • Bulgarian Missions – In association with the Varna Baptist Church in Varna, Bulgaria, hot lunches are provided to those in great need.
  • Romany Evangelism – Working with missionaries, Keith and Mary Holmes, project funds are provided for evangelistic efforts with the Romany (Gypsy) people group.
  • Alaskan Missions – With our support, missionaries, Buckie and Johnnie Beth Smithen, continue to minister in Alaska each year for an extended period of time.
  • China Missions – Dr. Chris Place and family and Jay Whitten and family serve as missionaries in China. BBC provides part of the financial support required for their ministry.