A Place for You

Like membership in any organization your experience is governed by your commitment. Membership in a church is one of your most important commitments because it represents a part of your devotion to the Lord, and the church is the body of Christ in the world.

How can you make membership in Broadmoor meaningful and fulfilling?

Be Committed to God

Effective church membership begins with your daily devotion to God. Your faith is not an addendum to your life, or a Sunday-only commitment. It is the foundation for everything else you do in life. Your daily commitment to God should be sustained through prayer and scripture. Your commitment to faith and virtue, and faith and action, is also very important. Your membership in church should be an extension of your commitment to God. A Sunday morning worship service sets the spiritual tone for your week, so that what you do on Sunday makes a difference in the way you live throughout the week.

Be Committed to One Another

We all limp into God’s grace, and we limp to Broadmoor as well. We are a flawed group of people! We are here to encourage, support, and guide one another in God’s grace. Our commitment to one another means that we will not look for the log or speck in another member’s eye. We will communicate with one another honestly seeking understanding, and always make love our aim.

Be Present at Broadmoor

You will feel more connected to your church when you are consistent in attending the worship service and other activities in the church. The life of Broadmoor is defined by worship, learning, serving, fellowship, and giving. Attend worship weekly. Finding a Sunday morning Bible study group will help you meet friends and form deep relationships. Wednesday nights are great opportunities for fellowship as you share a meal and learn the scripture. Service opportunities in the church, community, and throughout the world are consistent and plentiful. Giving to support your church through tithes and offerings is a necessary spiritual discipline and a means of connecting you to the life of the church.

Be Informed about Your Church

We have several resources to keep you apprised of the many activities at Broadmoor. This website, www.broadmoorbaptist.com, is updated weekly and is a great way to keep up with what’s going on. The twice monthly Broadmoor Bulletin is mailed or delivered by e-mail. On Wednesday nights we publish Finding Your Place, a calendar of events for the month and the two coming months. We also have announcements in the bulletin that are highlighted at the end of the service.